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Academic advising has the potential to play a critical role in the promotion of student success in higher education. However, the needs of students are not being fully recognized by faculty and or advisors in the University advising structure. One way to address this issue is to provide an opportunity for a deeper level of support by personalizing the educational experience of students. We propose that a student-created profile page will provide academic advisors and faculty a much clearer snapshot of the student resulting in more informed advising and improved student retention.

The student personal profile page consists of three sections, which can be completed by the student in approximately 10 minutes. The profile is designed to capture not only a snapshot through a brief narrative but also a visual representation of students by providing images primarily from their phones. The key concept of the page is to create a quick profile that provides the advisor and or faculty a glimpse into the life of the student.

The Student Personal Profile Page has three sections. The first two sections provide students the opportunity to provide faculty and advisors a bit about their history or what is commonly referred to as their “backstory”. The third section allows the student to make connections into the University community by providing students a way to connect with on campus clubs and organizations. The concept idea is a student-curated short story of their life, which includes personal history, goals, aspirations and sense of belonging to the University.


(The project was conceived originally as an e-portfolio project, it was quickly discovered that vendor-imposed cost and limitation made the e-portfolio a less-than-ideal platform for this project.)