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Winter 2-14-2020


School of Computer Science and Engineering


This PowerPoint presentation describes a project where I will use social media in an attempt to improve the negative perception of science. Beginning Fall 2020, on the first day of class, I will have the students complete a pre-assessment on their perception of science. I will then ask the students to follow at least one pre-selected science person/group on either Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube. Each week I will have them do a quick think-pair-share on the topic they followed, and then do a short writing assignment. At the end of the semester I will have them complete a post-assessment and see if their perception has changed. I will ask if the perception is improved, unchanged, or worsened. I will also ask what about the class, teaching, social media, etc contributed to the change in perception. I was only able to have a few students do this in Winter quarter but was already able to get some good feedback. The experiment is geared toward a new course in Category E of the semester GEs.