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Lesson/Unit Plans and Activities

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Fall 12-2-2019




Enhanced Pedagogy funding has supported the design of three interdisciplinary lesson plans for California State University, San Bernardino students to study the relationship between art and Romantic poetry (1775-1837). Following the scholarship of Stuart Henry, William Condee exposes the problem in academe of “disciplinary hegemony.” Henry argues that “disciplines have come to control content, pedagogy and the organization of higher learning. Disciplines. . . become systems of power that control resources and access to dissemination” (Henry qtd. in Condee 4). Disciplinary hegemony fractures lines of continuity between subjects. My project seeks to facilitate a robust engagement with art and ancient artifacts in the study of Romantic poetry. What is presented here are three interdisciplinary lesson plans on the poetry of Keats, Wordsworth, and Byron. My goal is to revitalize connections which have been broken by disciplinary hegemony, connections which reveal a culturally rich and intertextual conversation in the nineteenth century. Interdisciplinary study allows students to deepen their understanding of literary works through close reading, description of art, and analysis through comparison of text and image. With its curation of Romantic poems and related works of art, this project seeks to stimulate student inquiry and analysis and to inspire activities for life-long learning.