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Course Outline / Syllabus

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Fall 11-5-2019




Continual education for faculty members working at such a prestigious educational institution, like California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB), must come as second nature. The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) offered a 25-module online course in Effective Teaching Practices to various cohorts within CSUSB compiling various well-known teaching methodologies that expanded the knowledge of pedagogy for those faculty members who had an opportunity to be in each cohort. The modules covered topics like designing an effective syllabus for a course, allow instructors to have a productive learning environment within the classroom, promote deeper levels of learning and thinking, and use active learning techniques to keep students engaged in the class. I was fortunate to take part of cohort A for the online course that ACUE offered, and the purpose of this submission is to show some examples of responses I submitted on the online platform. The following sections cover part of a syllabus formatted for an Aging class I teach, a clear and modified grading policy for class, revised learning outcomes within the syllabus, an outcome method, a group project rubric, and a blog response.