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Communication Studies


The Honor’s First Year Curriculum Institute, composed of a team of faculty members from multiple disciplines at CSUSB, aimed to re-conceptualize the Honor’s curriculum by examining and revising existing course objectives and integrating student-centered approaches surveyed from pedagogy literature. The team had some clear goals driving the decisions we made, both within and across the “Golden Four” courses. The weeklong institute focused on three of the “Golden Four” courses, which included HON 1100 (Writing Rhetorically), HON 1200 (Thinking Critically), and HON 1300 (Communicating Orally). Goals driving the design of these three courses, in regard to general and course-specific guidelines, included supporting a cohort experience for Honor’s students, which emphasizes metacognition and integrative learning. This document is a reflection of how the team has revised its curriculum in order to support a cohort experience while integrating metacognition and integrative learning across the “Golden Four."