E-Portfolio for MA-TESOL Candidate Assessment (Q2S Course Redssign)

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Lesson/Unit Plans and Activities

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Summer 9-3-2019


Teacher Education & Foundations


All candidates in the MA-TESOL program are required to submit a Candidate Assessment Portfolio (CAP) to house their work across the eight goals of the program, along with the Outcomes Assessment formative grading rubrics that guided the award of point values for the work within each course. Final scoring for the portfolio is determined using the Summary Matrix. There is a particular edition of the Summary Matrix for each cohort, such as the 2017-2018, 2018-2019, and 2019-2020 cohorts. These versions of the Summary Matrix are downloadable from this website.

Before obtaining permission to fulfill the Exit Writing Competence (MA-TESOL Comprehensive Examination), each candidate must build his or her own Candidate Assessment Portfolio using the Pbworks.com platform.Them following the numerical guides supplied by the appropriate Summary Matrix, must organize and file the required evidence of mastery of these eight goals.

One navigates this website using links from the Front Page. One can return to the FrontPage from any site by means of the Wiki tab on the blue menu bar above each page.

This website consists of four elements:

• A downloadable Powerpoint explaining how one makes one's own website;

• The Framework for Outcomes Assessment for the MA-TESOlL Program, which explains the assessment of the goals and objectives

• A set of folders serving as examples of the organization of the CAP

• A folder containing a set of Summary Matrix documents from which the candidate selects the appropriate match for his/her cohort year.