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Essay / Blog Post

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Spring 5-1-2020




The Community of Practice Q2S Enhancing Pedagogy where I participated focused on “Supporting and Mentoring Teacher Candidates during Teaching Performance Assessment”. This CP discussed and shared information on best pedagogical practices for teaching, supporting, and mentoring preservice teachers as they engage in identifying students with specific academic needs before planning, delivering, assessing and reflecting on tasks required by the state-mandated assessment (CalTPA). This test is required for certification. My contributions to this CP resulted in this reflection/handout. The most salient topics were Implementing Effective Instruction, which means being able to know and apply Standards-based Instruction, SDAIE methods, Lesson Planning, Differentiating Instruction for ELs, Engaging English Language Learners in Critical Thinking Skills, Incorporation of Technology for New Teachers, Building Resources lists, and continuing learning with Professional Development Opportunities.