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Course Outline / Syllabus

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Spring 5-1-2020


Teacher Education & Foundations


This is a Q2S Enhancing Pedagogy submission project.

During a year-long New Faculty Learning Community experience, the writer looked at evidence-based teaching (EBT) through an Action Research model to re-structure a Higher Education course to increase students’ ability to turn theory into successful professional practices through active learning. After analyzing the threshold concepts for an Educational Administration Credential course, the following needs were found: (1) to deepen administrator candidates’ problem-solving skills through discussion-based learning and reflection; (2) to deepen administrator candidates’ skills in equity-based decision-making through relevant case studies; and (3) to apply inquiry-based structure to model and measure the administrator candidates’ decision-making and problem-solving ability. The action research found these EBTs were effective in transferring theories and concepts into professional practice and improving students’ confidence. These findings could be applied to any field of study that requires problem-solving and decision-making skills.


The New Faculty Learning Community allowed me to have a forum to discuss and reflect on my learning on EBTs, redesign my course, implementation, and gaining peer feedback. An inquiry-based course structure allowed my administrator candidates to gain better communication and critical thinking through discussion-based learning and reflection and feel more confident in equity-based decision-making by using relevant case studies.


  • NFLC Q2S Project Summary
  • EADM 610 Content Outline
  • EADM 610 and 620 Syllabi

Strategies Highlighted:

  • Guided Inquiry
  • Discussion-Based Learning
  • Case Studies

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Syllabus Changed for Project

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