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Course Outline / Syllabus

Publication Date

Spring 5-31-2020


Public Administration


Social innovation and the role of the university in the community is an important conversation to bring to the classroom. With the campus conversion from quarters to semesters, there is a new opportunity to build upon and focus the work already occurring in my classes with new online technologies and longer terms. With these opportunities, this project proposes to review how to incorporate social innovation into online teaching modules. The goal is to enhance my current classes by integrating social innovation contexts – using critical learning theory, transformational learning, and epistemological development -- into the online learning framework. This was completed through a redesign of the learning goals and assignments in Transportation Planning and Policy (PA5730) and Public Policy Analysis (PA6800) and aligning these through a QLT online course designation. The goal is to have students within the MPA program learn what they can do for their community while engaging the topics.