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Lesson/Unit Plans and Activities

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Spring 5-31-2020


Communication Studies


This lesson plan was created after completing and attending the ACUE modules and workshops as an ACUE student, enrolled in, Effective Teaching Practices: Cohort B, Fall 2019 – Spring 2020. The purpose of this lesson plan is to provide knowledge to educators with ways to help students navigate a course using an effective and well-structured syllabus. Students rely heavily on syllabus for feedback and guidance. Imagine being stranded on an island, what would you do? Who would you call? Several people would begin searching for help and guidance. If a map to getting off the island became available, what should it look like? Would you be able to understand what the map was telling you? Visualize the perfect map that will successfully assist you with returning home. After completing several ACUE modules and workshops I have developed this lesson plan for which demonstrates my comprehensive understanding of what an effective syllabus should consists. Thus, the lesson plan would serve as a professional development workshop for enhancing an instructor’s knowledge to developing a syllabus that is: student friendly, resourceful and engaging.