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After attending the Effective Teaching Practices course through the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE), teaching a class, large or small, has become more satisfying and enjoyable. Due to my ACUE experience, my teaching style continues to evolve. I’ve become more attuned to student dynamics. As instructors, we have the power to facilitate our classes in many effective ways, and ACUE offers teaching strategies that are based on research. I proactively have been implementing many of the techniques I have learned in ACUE, and I have noticed a significant increase in my students’ engagement in class discussions and activities. This reflection of the ACUE course is based on its five main domains, i.e., designing an effective course and class, establishing a productive classroom environment, using active learning techniques, promoting higher order thinking, and assessing to inform instruction and promote learning.


The submission is an overall reflection of how ACUE course impacted my teaching approaches.