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Course Outline / Syllabus

Publication Date

Spring 2020




The Quarter-to-Semester transition at CSUSB brought a number of challenges for many courses or course series. One of those included the math requirement for Liberal Studies series, Math 30x courses. The challenge here is that the 30x series includes four courses, yet the transition to semesters will yield three courses. In the Fall of 2020, the fourth 2-unit course in the series, Math 308 (Problem Solving Through Theory and Practice), will no longer be offered. Instead, it will be embedded into the first three courses. Students beginning the series after Fall 2019, will not have enough time to complete the series before the courses transition, thus leaving students with a gap in their education.

The Math 301A Quarter Bridge course and Math 301B Quarter Bridge course have been redesigned to bridge this gap. These classes include reading, problem solving and reflection assignments from Powerful Problem Solving by Max Ray and Thinking Around the Box by Davida Fischman and Shawnee McMurran, the two required texts for the Math 308 course. This uploaded file, Math 301A QBR Syllabus, outlines the updated course content, problem-solving component of the course, additional textbooks, and additional activities. This syllabus would be used as a sample syllabus for the semester equivalent course.