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Lesson/Unit Plans and Activities

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Spring 5-1-2020


Teacher Education & Foundations


Developing the knowledge and skills to teach K-12 English language learners (ELLs) is a crucial aspect of the teacher candidate learning to teach. This is even more critical as school districts are increasingly enrolling English language learners into the mainstream classrooms. Hence, teacher candidates must become proficient in implementing appropriate research-based strategies that promote learning for K-12 students with disabilities.

The California Teacher Performance Assessment, CalTPA, requires teacher candidates to teach one student ELL and upload the video of the instruction for assessment. This aspect of this CalTPA presents some challenges to our students because they have not worked with special education students as part of the credential program. Therefore, the purpose of this projects is to identify and discuss with examples some research-based that teacher candidates can implement in the classroom to promote disabled student engagement and learning.