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Lesson/Unit Plans and Activities

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Spring 5-1-2020




These artifacts from a faculty learning community (Q2S Enhancing Pedagogy Stipend) are focused on developing inquiry based approaches for teaching mindfulness to preservice teaching candidates in the College of Education, CSUSB students at large, and K-12 teachers working in local schools. We created a series of experiential learning activities that will ground the teaching and science of mindfulness in students’ own firsthand experiences with mindfulness practices. In this approach, students will be asked to reflect on their own brief experiences practicing mindfulness in class, or other settings, in order to examine its potential usefulness for themselves, teachers and K-12 students. This experiential learning will then be used as a starting point from which to explore the mounting scientific evidence on the utility of mindfulness-based practices in educational settings. By working together in this learning community we developed and implemented: (1) training for pre-service teachers in the basic concepts of mindfulness and their application to educational settings that can be integrated into several COE teacher preparation courses, (2) opportunities for course participants to build a foundation for developing a personal mindfulness practice to support their own future teaching and wellness, (3) training in mindful communication and mindful relationships, particularly as they pertain to classroom management, and (4) training in teaching mindfulness to K-12 students.

Week 1 Intro to Mindfulness.pdf (1119 kB)
Course Artifact: Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindful Communication Course Outline (2).pdf (346 kB)
Course Outline: Mindful Communication