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The ePortfolio as a High Impact Practice (HIP) was implemented to Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) course in Kinesiology during Winter 2020. Preservice physical education teachers enrolled in the course (i.e., KINE473 - Instructional Strategies for Physical Education) were required to create an individual ePortfolio, a framework for individual learning experiences to collect and compile evidences of learning experiences in the course of PETE program. The course, KINE473, is a senior level with extensive prerequisite courses for graduation and requirement to meet the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CCTC). Prior to graduation and preparation to advance to credential programs, ePortfolio was incorporated into course requirement to help students integrate learning across the curriculum, co-curriculum, and experiences outside school and school visitations, contributing to a more meaningful and purposeful experience. Contents and self-evaluation procedures for individual ePortfolio were provided to the students as guidance and recommendation which included (1) resume, (2) teaching philosophy, (3) national and state standards for physical education, (4) experiences in school visitation and working with inservice PE teachers, (5) samples of PE teaching models, (6) five photos of physical education/physical activity to reflect on healthy life and health education, (7) a list of completed coursework in the PETE program in Kinesiology, (8) reflection on ePortfolio, and (9) powerpoint slides for school visitation and experiences. During final week, students presented and shared their ePortfolio in class as well as online. All students signed on consent form for media release and public presentation for educational purposes. Student ePortfolios were linked to the course instructor's ePortfolio. Students found and presented the meaningfulness, usefulness and effectiveness of the use of ePortfolio for self-assessment and improvement of learning, and preparation for graduation and future career.