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Journal Article

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Spring 4-10-2020




The following exercise applies collaborative and intersectional strategies for teaching Multi-Ethnic American Literature for the Large Lecture Classroom. It is based on the research and discussions that occurred during the fall and winter quarters within FLC meetings in the English Department at CSUSB. It uses key reading and writing modalities, autonomous and collaborative learning formats, and game theory to achieve the following course objectives: to develop a keen understanding of the different experiences of ethnic and marginalized communities through the study of American Literature; to empathize with others' experiences and viewpoints; to consider what leads to marginalization and exploitation, such as racism, ability, prejudice, abuses of power, income inequality, colonialism, ignorance and panoptic ideologies; to consider how inequity and abuses of power are not isolated events and can form different kinds of marginalization, which can affect any group; and, to make visible what might have been invisible before the study.