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Spring 2020


Geography and Environmental Studies


Becoming complacent is quite common after decades of teaching in a department. One may wonder why they should change their approach to the discipline if it has worked for so many years. Over the past 10 years the learning environment, particularly at the University level, as evolved dramatically, and brought with that evolution the need to adapt and adopt new teaching methods to best meet the needs of students. I had the opportunity to complete the ACUE Q2S Course Module Collection for Enhanced Pedagogical Approaches and it afforded me the opportunity to employ several new techniques in my courses beginning in Winter Quarter 2020. The ACUE collection covered a broad range of strategies from developing a more effective syllabus, improving student participation and inclusivity, to even creating a more fruitful online distance learning environment - particularly helpful as we embark on am ever-changing University environment during the age of COVID-19. The modules allowed me to both implement and assess these strategies in real time and document their applicability and/or usefulness. This report is a collection of reflection surveys submitted to the ACUE course that were real-time assessments of the various techniques and strategies that I chose to employ in my courses. It is my conclusion that any professor seeking to improve the quality and effectiveness of their instruction should be open to experimenting with the strategies that were so thoroughly demonstrated in the ACUE Module Collection.