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Chemistry and Biochemistry


This poster outlines the structure for a new course on Environmental Sustainability. Starting in Fall 2020, as CSUSB enters semester system, every student who starts as a freshman will be required to take Foundations Seminar course as part of their General Education (GE) package. The NSCI 1200 - Scientific Thinking for Community Resilience course is a foundation seminar in Environmental Sustainability Pathway of GE at CSUSB. This course will explore the scientific ways of thinking: how scientific knowledge is created and how it is (or could be) communicated to those who use (or could use) it to solve community problems. It emphasizes on acquisition of academic skills (critical information literacy, integrative learning, metacognition, written communication, collaboration) that will be transferable to other courses. Group projects will apply scientific thinking and other approaches to solving environmental problems affecting our local, regional, national and global communities.