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  • Information about the Psychology Student Research Journal p.1
  • Letter from the Journal President p.2
    Ryan L. Radmall
  • Letter from the Editor-in-Chief p.3
    Lace M. Riggs
  • Words of Wisdom from a College Chair: A Brief Biography and Interview with Dean Jamal Nassar p.4
  • Infidelity and HIV in South Africa p.6
    Kamalpreet K. Padda
  • Nothing to LOL About: Texting (Mis)communications in Intimate Relationships p.11
    Kirk Fortini
  • 2014-2015 Student Conference Presentations p.17
  • The Influence of Emotion Regulation Strategies in the Relationship between Social Support and Posttramatic Stress Disorder Symptoms among Survivors of Sexual Assault p.20
    Seallong Sechang, Jason Alipio, Monica Aguilar, and Christina M. Hassija, Ph.D.
  • Trait Psychological Reactance and its Relationship with the HEXACO, Right-Wing Authoritarianism, and Social Dominance Orientation p.26
    Alex McKay
  • Book Reviews p.32
  • Working On-Campus: How it Impacts Academic Performance p.34
    Lauren R. Albrecht
  • Beyond Constraint: Resilience in Light of Adversity p.39
    Lace M. Riggs
  • Photovoice and Empowerment Among At-Risk Youth: A Tribute to Alex Ojeda p.45
    Alexander P. Ojeda
  • CSUSB Psychology Students Accepted to Ph.D. Programs during 2014 and 2015 p.52
  • Special Thanks to Contributors p.53