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  • Information about the Psychology Student Research Journal p.1
  • Letter from the Founding Editor p.2
    Seyed Hadi Hosseini Yassin
  • Letter from the Journal President p.3
    Ryan Lee Radmall
  • Words of Wisdom from a Professor Emeritus: A Brief Biography and Interview with Dr.Charles Hoffman p.4
  • The Relationship Between Perfectionism, Anxiety, and Academic Procrastination in College Students p.6
    Henry K. Chang
  • Ex-offenders in the Workplace: Employee Reactions p.14
    Rhiannon Gardenhire
  • Ten Impressive Psychological Studies from 2011 p.21
  • Is Drug Use the Key to Creativity? A look at Psychotropic, Legal, and Illegal Drugs p.24
    Danielle E. Humphrey and James C. Kaufman, Ph.D.
  • Cholinergic Modulation of Reinforcement Effects in a Reinstatement Model of Drug Relapse Using Sucrose Reward p.30
    Joseph Pipkin, Joseph Valentone, Veronica Rios, Venuz Greenfield, and Allen Butt, Ph.D.
  • Book Reviews p.35
  • The Facebook Motivation Likert Scale p.36
    Leslie Hagen, Karen Grab, Kim French, and Eric Leake
  • Understanding the Association of Nonverbal Cues and Environmental Factors with Patient Retention in Mental Healthcare p.43
    Tessy T. Pumaccahua
  • Top 10 Unethical Psychological Experiments p.51
  • Creative Achievement and Regulation of Motivation for Creative Behaviors p.53
    Ryan Holt
  • Childhood Abuse History as a Predictor of Intimate Partner Violence p.61
    Evelyn E. Ayala and David V. Chavez, Ph.D.
  • Special Thanks to Reviewers p.67