We believe that research involvement needs to be encouraged among our stu­dents, for the enhancement of their education and the betterment of society. One of our goals at PSRJ is to highlight the importance and excitement of studying psychology. A second goal of the journal is to support student research by publishing the exemplary research of our remarkable students, whose work deserves to be shared. PSRJ provides an outlet for students who wish to enter graduate programs, pursue research-based careers in psychology, showcase their research, and prepare for the publication process. We hope you appreciate the value of our journal and support our on-going efforts to present student research in future volumes!


Submissions from 2016


Volume 4, 2016, CSUSB

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Volume 3, 2015, CSUSB

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Volume 2, 2012, CSUSB

Submissions from 2011


Volume 1, 2011, CSUSB