OSR Journal of Student Research

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Breaking Bread - Breaking Boundaries


The purpose of this research is to establish a thorough methodology involving a multidisciplinary approach that will positively impact the outcomes of any involved stakeholder engaged within a collaborative event with the purpose of influencing the community of California State University, San Bernardino. These methods include a collaborative platform, stakeholder analysis, and using nutritional concepts to eliminate conflicts between stakeholder hierarchy. A stakeholder analysis improves the understanding to increase public participation and confidence in an organization. This also provides information how to determine between powerful and motivated stakeholders. Using the model of a think-tank, we are aiming to provide the group with the shared resources of the stakeholders, to create a unified vision and cooperative action plan that will ultimately benefit the university and the community. Nutritional discipline studies the effects of communing within a group setting, what types of foods may be appropriate for stimulating increased trust and communication, and how morality come to play when dealing with food consumption. Issues between the tiers of hierarchy such as a lack of confidence and inexperience within student engagement, the impression of intimidation and insensitivity given by faculty members, and the perception of free labor/experiences instead of collaboration within the community negatively influences the relationships between the different types of stakeholder. The multiple disciplines of research that focuses on the levels of stakeholder power-interest matrix improves relationship and communication within the engagement.

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