OSR Journal of Student Research

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Fentanyl: The Effects of Early Exposure into Adulthood


The Opioid Epidemic has begun to consume our society with the highest overdose records, the increasing popularity for its recreational and medical use, as well as the accessibility for an opioid prescription as a treatment for pain. Women have become a distinct victim to the Opioid Epidemic, with evidence of pregnant women also consuming opioids for pain relief treatments. With research of alcohol-use during pregnancy resulting in developmental abnormalities, opioid-use during pregnancy should also result in set a developmental abnormalities. But unfortunately, there is a lack of knowledge and research that provides further information regarding these consequences. In our study, we are interested in investigating the effects of early exposure of fentanyl that are expressed in adulthood as opioid-mediated behaviors. By using an animal model experiment, we will be able to assess and identify the relationship of specific individuals who may have experienced early exposure to fentanyl. These specific opioid-mediated behaviors and characteristics may further our insight regarding the effect and influence of early opioid exposure. Opioid-mediated behavior such as the effects of morphine-induced antinociception, and the level of motivation regarding self administration for the opioid itself.

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