OSR Journal of Student Research

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Creating a College-Going Partnership with Parents and Families


The purpose of the research project was to expand the college-going culture by developing a school-college partnership and challenging the deficit perceptions that educators may have of low-income students of color. The aim of this research project was to implement a college-going intervention with fifth grade students and their parents/families from an elementary school with a majority low-income, Hispanic student population. The study is guided by the successful school and college partnership modeled through “research as an intervention” in Delgado Bernal and Aléman (2016, p. 12). Education scholars, contend that a college culture can help negate the educational limitations experienced by low-income, students of color, and potential firstgeneration college students. This research project will provide the opportunity for the students and parents/ families to have a shared college experience and continue the college-going culture at home. Students and parent participants completed surveys before and after visiting a local state university. The surveys would identify the perceptions that participants had of attending college.

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