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The Effect of Mobile Application for TOEFL Pronunciation and Speaking Learners and two other research


The first project contains two phases. First phase is to design and develop a mobile application (mobile app) for Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) learning. The content of this mobile app is based on the Stealth TOEFL Online Learning: http:// stealth.michaelbuckhoff.com. After the mobile app is ready to download from Android Market and Apple Store, there will be a research conduct with college students in California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) to study the effect of using the mobile app in study English. There are three proposed modules in the mobile learning course at this stage, TOEFL vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Speaking. The mobile learning course will first introduce the TOEFL topic; tutorial videos will be embedded in the mobile application to introduce the TOEFL exam. In the Vocabulary Module, learners can browse academic vocabulary and take quizzes. In the Pronunciation and Speaking Module, learners can watch tutorial videos, record their voices, and send their voices to the instructor for evaluating. The research will use explanatory sequential mixed-method. There are two research questions: 1: What is the effect of STEALTH Mobile Application on students’ performance in TOEFL Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Speaking learning? Two: What are learners’ perceptions of STEALTH Mobile Application? The intervention will be introduced from the beginning of 2018 spring quarter to one class of students in CSUSB English Language Program. The researcher will discuss with the professor, who provides his own product of TOEFL courses for this project to convert from online class to mobile app, and divide students to two groups randomly. One group will be the control group; the rest of them will be the treatment group. The researcher will use pretest and posttest to college students and meanwhile ask students to fill out pre-survey and postsurvey. Duration of intervention will last for 3 months 31 5th Annual Student Research Symposium Meeting of the Minds Event Program between the pre/post-tests. Correlation coefficient will be conducted to test the relationship of students’ academic performance and the intervention. Paired-t test will be conducted based on the tests scores. The results will be classified to three sub-groups depends on their degrees of progress. After the completion of the quantitative portion of the research, interviews will be conducted to some students, choosing from the three sub-groups to further explore their perspectives toward the mobile application.

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