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Young Leaders Program


Young Leaders Program Dr. Anthony Silard Maira Durazo Most young people can go into the computer lab at their school and find access to thousands of strategies for how to conduct transactions such as completing their college applications, applying for college scholarships, writing a resume, interviewing or writing a business plan. However, this will only happen if a young person views this research as a critical action step in their larger purpose. Without a clear and compelling vision for what they want to accomplish in their lives, which may require a personal transformation, adolescents will continue to walk past the computer lab and become involved in illicit activities and risky behaviors because there is nothing to measure those activities and behaviors against. The Young Leader’s Program is focused on teaching leadership as a distinct skill that low -income youth can leverage to build their careers and pursue higher education. The Young Leaders Program (YLP) is a 40-hour program targeting lowincome high school students. YLP teaches low-income youth Five Critical Skill Areas that enable them to learn 28 5th Annual Student Research Symposium the leadership skills necessary to become agents of change in the pursuit of social justice. These five skills include College Preparedness, Career Readiness, Leadership, Goal Setting, and Becoming a Change Agent. Youth are guided to identify and create an action plan towards the careers of their choice to find and sustain themselves in healthy, meaningful careers.

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