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Reclaiming Myth


This exhibition was a study of the mythical origin story of the island of California as it relates to its present day citizens who lived on both sides of the US/Mexican border. This multi-media exhibition showcased projects based upon the relation between modern day California and the region's etymological source, Las Sergas de Esplandian by Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo. It featured constructed archaeological artifacts, historical text and fabricated historical references produced by using modern technological methods of production as well as traditional means. This juxtaposition connected the allegorical significance of the tale with the "real" world of today. Reclaiming Myth is the culmination of a summer project that consists of works by inaugural Artist in Residence of the Department of Art at California State University, San Bernardino, Mely Barragán along with student works by Melora Garcia, Paul Garcia, Ryan Clark and Juan Nevarez. The project consisted of a research phase of the source material followed by an investigation into learning technological modes of art making. Students worked collaboratively with Barragán and also individually to broaden their understanding of the influence of the tale across California, a geographical area that lies both north and south of the US/Mexico border.

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