OSR Journal of Student Research

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Exploring On-Campus Employment as a High Impact Practice


Amanda Salazar


The purpose of this study is to explore on-campus employment as a potential high-impact practice (HIP) at a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) that serves a disproportionate number of students who are low-income and first-generation. In addition, the university has expressed organizational commitment to HIPS. Specifically, I seek to explore the connections between existing on campus student employment practices and the six qualities that frame HIPS, if any. Additionally, I seek to understand what organizational structures are necessary to establish undergraduate student employment as a high impact practice. This study will be conducted using a qualitative case study research design. Specifically, this study will employ an intrinsic case study approach (Stake, 1995). I’ve chosen an intrinsic case study research design as I’m intrinsically interested in exploring on campus employment as a high impact practice at one particular institution. The results of this study will be published as a part of my dissertation. The dissertation will be available online as a part of CSUSB Scholar Works, an online open access institutional repository showcasing and preserving the research, scholarship, and publications of California State University, San Bernardino faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, the results of this study will be disseminated through various outlets including conference presentations and publication. An executive summary of findings will also be provided to research participants and their respective institutions. The findings of this study will inform policy and practice of student employment programs.

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