OSR Journal of Student Research

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Multicompetence, Multiple Intelligences and First-Year Composition Students


Cognitive-based developments for teaching/learning languages and writing are virtually unlimited realms of research and study. This study is an effort to dip into this realm with an exposition of cognitive approaches and perspectives involving differences and similarities between monolingual and bilingual first-year composition (FYC) students. Initially, this project was prompted by Vivian Cook’s 1999 argument that some SLA educators and researchers unfairly differentiate between monolingual and bilingual/multilingual students. Hence, this project contains a statement of the problem, the purpose for this study, and some general background information of two featured theorists. In particular, the concepts, herein, are cognitive-based, language-based, student-based and student-centered. Also, in defense of some SLA inferences, this project involves empirical results that indicate differences and similarities of competent and multicompetent aspects among bilingual and monolingual FYC college students.

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