OSR Journal of Student Research

Article Title

Adaptive Chinese Character Learning Course


Qi Guo


This is a design based research using Smart Sparrow as adaptive learning course design platform. Adaptive learning is a self-paced, learner-centered online learning, which provides personalized contents and learning paths to each learner through the assessments to the learners (Forsyth, Kimble, Birch, Deel, & Brauer, 2016). By collecting the data from the assessments, adaptive learning systems assign different learning tasks to different levels of students (Pearson & EdSurge, 2016). Adaptive learning and technology will definitely advocate an educational renaissance in the predictable future. They will bring much more convenience and engagement to the learning and teaching process and positively influence the learning outcomes. As prospective instructional designers, we need to grasp the great opportunities to design adaptive and interactive online courses, then keep polishing them to facilitate and motivate learners’ learning. This adaptive learning course will teach Chinese characters as a showcase to the audience, and demonstrate how content, assessment, and sequence are adaptive.

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