OSR Journal of Student Research

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Social Interactions of International Scholars: Lessons framed using Student Identity Development Theory by a Doctoral Community of Practice


Leveraging Kaufman and Feldman’s (2004) student identity development theory, California State University, San Bernardino doctoral students will be discussing their experience of presenting their research topic at the Sixteenth International Symposium on Social Communication in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Each student presented their research in a session titled “Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership - A Community of Practice.” The doctoral students will discuss how their student identity was informed by the social interactions they experienced during the trip. They will expound on the following topics: cultural sensitivity, the value of connection away from digital distractions, how perspectives shift, the navigation of international norms, the benefits of traveling abroad, and the representation of CSUSB’s Educational Leadership program. This presentation is meant to inspire other students to partake in either presenting abroad or attending a study abroad sponsored by CSUSB. Moreover, this presentation will also demonstrate how student identity is developed through international travel social interactions.

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