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Super Siblings Abstract for Meeting Of the Minds 2019


Sophia Josemoan


Title: A Randomized Control Trial to Evaluate a Social Skills Training Intervention for Sibling Conflict Authors: Rieger, C., Garcia de Alba, C., Josemoan, S., Forcino Abstract: Sibling conflict is a common phenomenon and is linked, paradoxically, to prosocial skill development. However, conflict among siblings is not always beneficial, particularly when conflict is hostile, intense, or involves physical aggression. Intervening in sibling conflict provides an opportunity for early intervention, which may have a positive impact on subsequent social development. The objective of the current study is to further develop the empirical support for a sibling conflict resolution skills training intervention for children: Super Siblings (Grimes & Roberts, 2014). Families with at least 2 children between the ages of 4 and 11 years who exhibited significant sibling conflict are randomly assigned to the intervention or control condition. Families in the intervention condition participate in a 5-session social skills training intervention, Super Siblings, designed to teach sibling-specific conflict resolution skills. Participants in the control condition receive the written educational materials from the intervention but did not participate in the in-person training. To date, 15 participants have been enrolled in the study. Preliminary outcome data will be presented.

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