OSR Journal of Student Research

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How Often Are College Students to Self-Disclose About Sexuality?


LGBT+ instructors were examined to determine their perception of self-disclosure in the classroom, in particular with sexual orientation. Instructors were either publicly out on college campus or concealing their sexuality. LGBT+ faculty visibility was observed in association to LGBT+ students. Student motivations in general were observed in relations to instructor immediacy behaviors including self-disclosure. Based on the climaxes of student motivations, LGBT+ student motivations were compared to general student motivations. The findings suggest that LGBT+ professors concealed their sexuality due to fear which caused them to maintain silence within a college community. LGBT+ students have not been looked at in terms of instructional communication research and learning motivations, rather integrated with the general student population in most studies. Embracing LGBT+ education, research studies and campus culture were analyzed and discussed. Future exploration of LGBT+ student interests, learning behaviors and homology

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