OSR Journal of Student Research

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The American Dream May Be More Than a White Fence and a House


While the American Dream has had many different meanings to an array of people, the measure of happiness whether it be materialistic or emotional needs. To this, we conclude what the American Dream means to society. Upon this, quantitative research was conducted to see if there was a change in the mindset of materialistic wants compared to emotional wants when explaining the American Dream. Extensive research was made to see the effect culture, discourse on success, and millennial’s mindset have on the concept of the American Dream. Findings suggest that the age gap between millennials and what it was back in the 1900’s, the American Dream has become less materialized and more of an emotional and materialistic appeal. Education and success indicate a higher correlation between materialistic approaches on the American Dream. Findings suggest that culture indicated the want for more of an emotional American Dream, including freedom and independence. With a new economy and advanced technology, materialistic means having money while being emotionally happy does not require money.

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