OSR Journal of Student Research

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Cognitive Control and Narrative Memory


Studies examining the mechanisms of complex memory processing have led to a greater understanding of the role that cognitive control plays in the formation of memories. The purpose of 77 5th Annual Student Research Symposium Meeting of the Minds Event Program the present study was to examine the relationship between cognitive control and the ability to process and remember narratives. Participants were identified as either reactive or proactive based on the mode of control they used during the AX-CPT. They then read four short narratives and were given two forced-choice recognition tests, one immediately after reading and the other seven days later. The recognition data were used to identify surface form, textbase, and event model memory. For immediate testing, proactive model of control people had better memory for the event model level than reactive mode people. However, this difference was not present one week later. JERRY S. FISHER, University of Notre Dame, GABRIEL A. RADVANSKY, University of Notre Dame.

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