OSR Journal of Student Research

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The Hip-Hop Pedagogy


Hip-hop music is unique in a way that can articulate consciousness about the issues in society. The genre has crossed international borders because of the universal context. Age, gender, and ethnicity do not matter to the genre because the struggles we face in society are the same. The pedagogy in hiphop is crucial in finding another way to teach people literacy. We can utilize hip-hop as a pedagogical tool to enhance consciousness inside and outside of an academic setting. The focus of this research paper is with anti-hegemonic hip-hop since this type of hiphop music relates to critical and rhetorical theory. With critical theory, we can examine hip-hop music to see how the lyrics describe the hegemony that happens in society. For rhetorical theory helps in examining the lyrics to find what else is happening in the context of the lyrics. Hip-hop can potentially liberate society from the dominant ruling class. To do so, we need to examine hip-hop to find all the hidden messages to understand the contemporary issues we face in society. Specifically, we need to examine conscious hip-hop artist who are attempting to persuade listeners about society.

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