OSR Journal of Student Research

Article Title

Collection of Poems


Price W. Hall


Student’s name omitted writes poems informed by the restorative vigor of nature, the sheer beauty of natural systems ordered by the same physical laws which govern the orbits of planets around our star and holds tight the moons circling them. As if beyond the sequenced cadence of time he holds memories remembered as valid as the experiential feast set before him every day in the nuance of light at dawn or dusk, the dying leaves bleeding out green or the thousand shades of brown of the cut soil of the furrows in a plowed field, and clouds seem to seduce him anywhere he stands anchored staring up at them running before a breeze like tall ships before a gale.

Beyond beauty, the experiential feast set by nature, it is key he believes to the nourishment of human dreams, epiphany and awareness of the necessity of achieving a balanced human presence in the fragile biosphere. Change is a condition of life on Earth but since humankind has assumed a cataclysmic footprint as great as or greater than any natural disaster a higher awareness of responsible stewardship must be learned. What this means and could mean is to define what it means to be human in this challenging age at the crossroads of extinction and ascendance into an enlightened future.