OSR Journal of Student Research

The OSR Journal of Student Research is a centralized annual online peer-reviewed journal to foster academic dialogue, to promote an opportunity for undergraduate and graduates to publish their scholarly and creative works, as well as to provide a valuable learning experience.

Current Volume: Volume 5



The Hip-Hop Pedagogy
Andy Acosta


Score Study of Howell’s Requiem
Kaitlynn Albers and Rigoberto Orozco


Music and the Developing Mind
Manuel Arrendondo


In addition to High Noon
Frederick Brashear Jr


The Art of Death
Heather Roessler


Young Leaders Program
Maira Durazo


Isolation Unit Market Research
Kristen Morrish


The Artist Entrepreneur
Lisa Tucker


Bridging the Path to Higher Education for Undocumented Students
Fernando Villalpando and Maria Theresa Domingo


Improving Safety Through Proper Personal Protective Usage
Zahra Azizi, Alicia Hernandez, and Maram Aldoghmi


Discrimination in the Health Care Setting Among Latinx in California
Martin Ibarra, Xilonem Montoya, Cassandra Romero, and Gema Gonzalez


A New Paramagnetic & Piezoelectric Organometallic Material
Alessa Ibrahim, John Montano, and Gabriel Lopez


Is the caudofemoralis longus muscle the primary driver of crocodilian propulsion?
Jeniree Martinez, Karina Vega, Kevin Kleine, and Celina Bravo


Blood Flow Restriction Improves Vascular Circulation
Rachelle Rapanut, Nick Ruelas, and Chiwon Kang


Sad Dads a Literature Review
Saxxie Tran, Maricela Torres, Erika Giron, and Bianca Castro


The Quest for Entity Resolution
Brittney Boyd and Citlalik Figueroa


A Critical Race Analysis of Latinx Students’ College Choices and Pathways
Hector Garcia, Osmara Cortez, and Maria Lias Moreno


The Quest for Entity Resolution
Citlalik Ibarra Figueroa and Brittney Boyd


Role of International Community to Address Rohingya Refugee Issue
Rubina Khanam and Gregory Foent Gallegos


Advancing CSUSB
Janae Koger


Cognitive Control and Narrative Memory
Kyle Mobly and Vanessa Carlos


Domestic violence
Brittany Willams


Incivility Experienced By Nursing Students in Clinical Settings
Michael Muela, Jasmine Zepada, Elizabeth Tamez, and Mirella Arana


Physical Educators’ Attitudes toward Grading Students
Kelli Reynolds and Michael Ginter


Umm Kulthum and Aural Celebrity
Fernando Sanchez


Living La Mala Vida
Sofia Benitez and Sara Ledesma


Anti-Immigrant Sentiment
Anahi Lopez Gutierrez


Ontogeny of One Trial Fentanyl-Induced Sensitization
Oscar Orozco, Henry Diaz, and David Sanchez


A Day in the Life
Celene Gonzalez


Reclaiming Myth
Ryan Clark, Paul Garcia, and Melora Garcia


Creating a Low-Cost Scanning Tunneling Microscope
John Paul Abadines and Brandon Fins


The Intra-rater Reliability of the Force Plate Peak Forces at Three Specific Time Frames
David Howard, Matthrew Rodriguez, Jessica Heredia, and Alexandra Khartabil


Knowledge and Consumption Levels of Alcohol Among College Students at CSUSB
Juan Mejia Palacios, James Ekholdt, Alexa Christopher, and Dayanna Hernandez


Comparison of Body Composition Techniques of DXA, BIS, and Ultrasound in College Students
Julio Mora, Jason Hernandez, Amanda Maravi, and Yadira Marin


Systematic Predictors of Latina College Students’ Empowerment
Virginia Barbosa Mascorro and Karen Soria Cortez


Exploring Behavioral Correlates of a Hippocampal-Dependent Implicit Memory Measure
Yoselin Canizales, Constance Greenwood, Raechel Marino, and Lindsey Sirianni


What Are We Seeing? Change, Evolution, or What.
Citlalik Figueroa and Britney Boyd


Maternal Depression and Sibling Conflict
Crystal Garcia De Alba


Effects of Technology Use on Positive Mental Health
Lakhvir Kaur and Robert Nelson


Anti-Immigrant Sentiment
Anahi Lopez Gutierrez


Psychomotor Performance Tradeoffs in Crew Members on a NASA Analog Mission
Raechel Marino, Alana Muller, Roman Lopez, and Yoselin Canizales


Effects of serotonin 5-HT1A/1B activation on working memory in C57BL/6J mice
Alma Pahua, Megan Emery, and Antonio Gutierrez


Fentanyl: The Effects of Early Exposure into Adulthood
Ginny Park, Jordan Taylor, and Jasmine Rios


Differences in the expression of restricted repetitive behaviors in female BTBR T + tf/J mice
Rebekah Posadas, Alma Pahua, Marta Zarate, and Jordan Taylor


Systematic Predictors of Latina Women's Empowerment
Karen Soria Cortez and Virginia Barbosa Mascorro


Breaking Bread - Breaking Boundaries
Cynthia Hart, Benjamin Gibson, Arianna Hernandez, and Nick Bogdis


Global Virtual Teams and Globalization
Jose Carreno, Manal Ibnobachir, Allan Rubio, and Vianey Anguiano


NCECA 2019
Andrea Clary


Jazmin Garcia
Qi Guo
Rebekah Posadas
Melody Robinson
April Terwelp
Sara Valdez