Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD) Video Recordings

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Video recording of the “Latin@ Students and the School-to-Prison-Pipeline” panel discussion.


The Association of Mexican-American Educators (AMAE) Journal published a special issue in 2013 (Co-guest edited by Donaldo Macedo, Lilia Bartolome, Victor Rios and Anthony Peguero) focused on the consequences of the Latin@ school-to-prison pipeline. The school-to-prison pipeline is marginalizing schools, communities, and families by derailing the educational success and progress of Latin@ youth. It restricts and excludes youth from the labor market and promotes mistrust and resentment toward authority, the criminal justice system, and all forms of social control. Please dialogue with a group of scholars from across the country whose research and personal lives are working toward solutions to dismantle this pipeline.


  • Introduction / Moderator: Dr. Anthony Peguero, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
  • Panelists: Poetry: Jesús Cortez, Orange County Community Advocate; Dr. Eugene Fujimoto, Assistant Professor, CSU Fullerton; Mario G. Galicia Jr., Doctoral Candidate, UC Santa Barbara; Dr. Luis Nuño, Lecturer, CSU Los Angeles; Alicia Pantoja, Doctoral Student, University of Pennsylvania