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Video recording of "Cafecito Con…Entre Mujeres: Interview with Folklorista Rayven Armijo” (Season 2).


LEAD-Affiliate Programming from Studio 54, “Cafecito Con . . . Entre Mujeres” is a show where we invite guests to inform us, enlighten us, and inspire us by sharing about themselves and the spaces they step into and make their own.

We are an intergenerational trio, hoping to bring you conversations about women, with women, and for women. We hope to build a community without borders so that women can express, inspire, inform and lead to true self-growth.

Meet Rayven Armijo, a dancer, choreographer, folklorista, role model, founder of Las Mijas. She tells us how culture is expressed through her art and how her womanhood is a journey of discovery through rituals, friendship, community, family, and more.

The nearly 60 million individuals that trace their heritage to Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America and to Spain that live in the USA connect through art, education, politics, and more. Moreover, traditionalists of folklore are committed to pass down the traditions, as they were presented to them.

Rayven believes that we are constantly adjusting to life based on our history and our contemporary culture, which is just as important as our past. Our identity is a mixture of where we come from, and who we are developing to be. Thus in this conversation we enter the world of Folklorico as an expression of life, history, culture, and heritage.


  • Co-Hosts: Delila A. Vasquez, M.A., Founder, Producer & Co-Host (she, her, ella); Rosa Martin Muñoz, Communications Director & Co-Host; Stephanie Montoya, Show Engineer & Co-Host
  • Interviewee: Rayven Armijo, Folklorista and founder of Las Mijas