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Video recording of the “Meet the Ladies: What is Cafecito Con?” panel discussion.


We are an intergenerational team of Latina women valuing authenticity, collaboration, elevating women to bring forth the best version of themselves. Cafecito Con...began its podcast journey in 2021 with Season 1, using Clubhouse as an audio platform bringing forth many conversations spotlighting, powerful (trailblazers) women from many different backgrounds, who step into many different spaces. Cafecito Con sees women not wearing many hats, rather wearing many shoes to step into spaces of power, decision making, influence and life with a firm step.

Delila A. Vasquez: Founder, Producer & Co-Host (she, her, ella): Mami (mom), wife, friend, sister, tía, comadre, friend, mentor, a student of life. My idea is that we talk about not-the hats we wear, rather, that we talk about the spaces we step into. I invite conversations to explore what we do, why we do it, and who we are as we influence our circles. Titles are limiting; therefore, I do not want to talk about the hats we wear or the roles we play, I think in terms of what shoes to wear to be ready to step into the spaces we walk into. There is a shoe for every occasion, and we need to step into these spaces with firm footing to be authentic and bring forth the best version of ourselves. We are role models, followers, leaders. learners, teachers and more whether we intend or not, so why not be intentional.

Rosa Martin Muñoz: Communications Director & Co-Host: A daughter, a proud Latina, a professional, an educator, someone who believes in leading with love. I value personal connection to build relationships and community. Growing up, I didn’t have professional role models - much less Latina role models. Through this medium I want to bring everyday women’s voices as our role models. I see Young and Younger women benefiting from the power of leading with love. I want to engage our neighbors and friends in good-old-fashion conversations that will leave us inspired and enlightened. I want to role model conversations about success, struggle, and inclusiveness. I want us to hear from trailblazers, entrepreneurs, scientists, mothers, spiritual leaders, the creative minds, I’m here on Cafecito connect with women and learn from hopes of exploring the depths of my own purpose and spirituality along the way.

Stephanie Montoya: Show Engineer & Co-Host: I am a daughter, sister, tía, electrical engineer, traveler, handywoman, business owner, all around nerd who loves learning new things. A completed day for me is making at least one person smile, whether it be a joke, a compliment or just helping in any way I can. My passion is engaging with others in problem solving. My own struggles motivate me to help other women find their voice. It is very inspiring to see others learn how to just be themselves. I want to create a space that recognizes our triumphs and challenges, where sharing our experiences out loud is honored. I am excited to help bring these conversations to life with Cafecito Con...sharing recognition and wisdom to our women’s community. Our leadership is richer when we support each other.


  • Delila A. Vasquez, M.A., Founder, Producer & Co-Host (she, her, ella)
  • Rosa Martin Muñoz, Communications Director & Co-Host
  • Stephanie Montoya, Show Engineer & Co-Host