Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD) Video Recordings

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Video recording of the “The Battle for Mexican American Studies (MAS) and the National Movement for Protecting Public Education” advocacy address.


Tucson continues to be ground zero in the national movement for preserving ethnic studies and protecting public education. Sean Arce, the former director of Arizona's Tucson Unified School District's outlawed Mexican American Studies (MAS) program will speak about the battle for MAS and the next phase of this struggle to save ethnic studies.

Arce continues to carry on the legacy of MAS based on the concept of In Lak Ech - the Mayan philosophy of interpersonal responsibility. As a result, the Xican@ Institute for Teaching and Organizing (XITO) has been created with support from faculty at Arizona's renowned Prescott College. XITO is the evolution of the struggle to promote Mexican American Studies in school districts around the country.

Presentation made possible through a working partnership with the Ethnic Studies Student Organization (ESSO), the Sociology Club, the Center for Indigenous Peoples (CIPS), and the Native American Indigenous Student Association (NAISA), with funding provided by the CSUSB ASI Club Allocation Budget (CAB) and the University Diversity Committee (UDC).


  • Introduction: Iveth Diaz, Chair, Ethnic Studies Student Organization, CSUSB
  • Moderator: Charli Eaton, Co-Chair, Ethnic Studies Student Organization, Member, CSUSB University Diversity Committee
  • Speaker: Martin Sean Arce, Educator/Activist, Co-founder and former Director of the K-12 Mexican American Studies Department in Tucson, Arizona