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Video recording of the "VIVA LA MUJER: Nosotras Las Madrinas" capstone presentation.


Latina girls and women make up 1-in-5 females in the United States, and by 2060 are predicted to form nearly 1/3 of the total female population. As a fast-growing and influential constituency, Latinas have made significant strides and progress in a number of areas. Yet progress has been extremely slow and there is a long way to go to fully close gender, class, educational, and racial/ethnic disparities. Latinas are incredibly entrepreneurial, as the number and rate of Latina-owned businesses has increased eight times that of men-owned businesses...yet, remain significantly underrepresented, especially among the Fortune 500 companies. In terms of economic (in)security, the disparities are leaving a growing portion still more likely to live in poverty and as single heads of households, still earning less in the labor market (earning less than 60 cents for every dollar a white man earns for the same job). For decades too, Latinas have been more likely to lack health coverage among America’s uninsured, and still have the least access to health care of any group of women. In terms of civic and political leadership, Latinas have a rich history of leadership in our communities, but remain underrepresented in all levels of government. As a group, Latina females start school significantly behind other females, and without proper support and intervention are never able to completely catch up to their peers. Latinas graduate from high school at lower rates than any major subgroup, and are also the least likely of all women to obtain and complete a college degree. This capstone presentation will be offered by past and current LEAD events honorary chairpersons, all strong advocates/activists themselves, who have made significant contributions to our community. Affectionately known as madrinas de honor, the distinguished panelists of mujeres will draw from decades of their personal and professional lives to discuss and shed light on their role, actions, and journey; working, empowering, and struggling toward social and economic justice, diversity/equity, educational/labor equality, civic/political/human rights and societal change.


  • Introduction / Moderator: Patricia Aguilera, Student Services Professional IV - Federal Work-Study, CA DREAM Grant & Loan Coordinator, CSUSB Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Madrina Panelists: Sylvia Mendez, 2010 Inaugural LEAD Summit Madrina de Honor; Dr. Judy Rodriguez Watson, 2011 LEAD Summit Madrina de Honor; Trini Gomez, 2011 Inaugural Feria Educativa Madrina de Honor; Hon. Josie Gonzales, 2013 LEAD Summit Madrina de Honor; Dr. Ellen Riojas Clark, 2015 Inaugural Global LEAD Summit Madrina de Honor; Lilian Esther Hernandez, 2015 Feria Educativa Madrina de Honor; Hon. Eloise Gomez Reyes, 2017 LEAD Summit Madrina de Honor