The Journal of Special Education Apprenticeship


Reviews of the literature have confirmed that Social StoriesTM can be an effective intervention for individuals with ASD. Recently, researchers have begun to investigate the presentation of Social StoriesTM using technology, with results suggesting that Social StoriesTM presented through technology are a promising avenue for practice and research. In this study, a multiple baseline across participants design was used with four male 7-9 year old students with ASD to determine whether an iPad- based Social StoryTM would decrease the number of teacher redirects required by the participants in order to attend to a group lesson. Effect sizes were calculated using PND, PEM, and Tau-U. Results of these analyses generally indicated that overall that the intervention was effective, with the exception of PND for three participants; all other effect sizes indicate an effective or very effective treatment for all participants. Results indicate that iPad-based Social StoriesTM can help decreasing the number of redirects required for students with ASD to attend to a group lesson.