Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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Success of mobile commerce hinges on the availability of methods of payment that are secure, ubiquitously available, globally accepted, and easy-to-use. Mobile payment (mPayment) entails making payments using mobile devices such as wireless handsets, personal digital assistants, and other radio frequency (RF) and near field communication (NFC) devices. While mPayment is still in its infancy, its acceptance is likely to increase considerably in the coming years. In the United States, the acceptance of mPayment lags behind that of Europe and Asia. In the U.S, many experts believe that the next step in mPayment evolution is the development of a single-device and ubiquitous mPayment solution that offers consumers speed and convenience in both online and point-of-sale transactions. This paper identifies factors that influence consumer mPayment adoption in the United States using data gathered from 299 consumers. Further, the paper examines the relationships between adoption enabling factors and users’ demographic and digital lifestyle traits.