Journal of International Information Management


Since their conception, EIS have been developed and adopted in many firms. The importance of EIS is now increasing with the need of accessing data from many sources under the high-velocity environment. Although many of the Korean firms are now in the process of introducing EIS with the faster growing economy, most research has been conducted on the use of EIS in Western firms. This study aims to explore the current state of EIS usage in Korean firms and make a comparison with that of the United States. Based upon Watson et al. (1992), a questionnaire instrument was constructed. The questionnaires were distributed to 136 Korean companies that were reported to use EIS and 50 of the questionnaires returned. We found that there were many differences in the use of EIS between Korea and the United States. This was mainly due to the fact that the use of EIS in Korea was at a very early stage and executives in Korea did not realize and/or understand the benefits from the use of EIS yet.