Journal of International Information Management


In spite of the rapid advances and expanding roles of information systems in business organizations, it has been speculated that computer use and its impact may still be stronger at lower management levels. A survey of one hundred and eight managers was conducted, investigating computer usage and the perceptions of the benefit of computers. The results indicate that there was no differences among managerial levels with respect to their self-rating as a novice or expert computer user. On the other hand, there were differences with respect to the types of software used and the tasks supported by the software. The lower level managers were more likely to use database type software to perform data retrieval and report generation, whereas the middle level managers were more likely to use office system software or decision support/spreadsheet type software to perform planning and data analysis. The upper level managers were more likely to use database-type software or office systems for a variety of activities including analysis, planning, decision making, and communication. With respect to the computer benefits, the lower level managers generally perceived greater benefits of using the computer than higher level managers.