Journal of International Information Management

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Strategic information systems implications for small business innovation in Taiwan


This paper presents results from case analysis of the Taiwan Institute of Technology (computer training school) to show how strategic information systems (SIS) is applied/analyzed. The following issues would be addressed: A. An organization's competitiveness is being challenged by a rapidly changing business climate and enormous increases in IT capabilities. These changes have caused business to shift towards greater involvement of IS and non-IS management in the application and administration of IT. This case would try to determine if and how SISs were positioned within business management community. B. We found that SIS methodologies are as varied as the IS fields. The proposed SIS frameworks which were used as the bases for this study do not necessarily provide universallyaccepted rules for the implementation of strategic information systems. Nonetheless, it does reflect the status of existing SIS methodologies and the dynamically changing information surroundings. C. The content of strategic information systems will need to be continually revised as technology advances, the business environment changes, and the technology background of the users increases. Monitoring and reacting to this situation would be best handled as a detailed case analysis of every single real world experience designing and implementing different information systems at the strategic level.

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