Journal of International Information Management


In an era of limited resources, organizations must scrutinize every purchase carefully. A critical and sometimes very expensive purchase is for computer hardware and software. The reasons for the purchase are generally given as productivity improvements or personnel reductions. However, assessment of why computer applications are really implemented from the end users' perspective has not been reported. In order to answer questions to justify expenditures it would be helpful to understand how end users perceive the reasons for implementation of computer applications in their stations. To this end a questionnaire was sent to all broadcast radio and TV stations in the State of Wisconsin. The end users (station managers) were requested to identify reasons for present computer application implementations and areas of implementations for future use. The results of this study compare type of computer being used and station characteristics with a checklist of reasons for computer application implementations in the broadcast industry. This research begins the identification of other factors that are Justifiable reasons for computer application implementations. In doing this, end users can broaden the how, why, what, and when of their computer application purchases. We all believe that the computer is a tool to help us do our jobs better, but what does that mean and how can we document these feelings? Or as Jon Van (I99I) and G. P. Zachary (1991) have stated, are we really getting what we expected from the computer applications we have implemented? This research study does not pretend to completely answer these or other questions in this area. However, it is a beginning and valuable research that needs to be augmented.