Journal of International Information Management


An object approach to information system development should be incorporated into the structured system design life cycle (SDLC) during the analysis and design phases. The tools of the structured approach (data flow diagrams, data structures, data stores, etc.) help to identify the relationships that exist between the data stores and the entities (objects) within an information system. This is only a starting point at which the IS developer further evaluates me informational needs that are required within the information system. A listing of the data structures is generated to assodate the specific data elements that comprise each data structure. A series of logical steps (normalization) can be used to remove the redundancy and inflexibility within each data structure. The end result of the nonhalization process is the generation of an entity-relationship diagram (E-R diagram). The E-R diagram can be used as a reference point in which to apply a series of objed oriented analysis and design steps to insure that information coUeded on objeds throughout the organization is properly integrated into the SDLC. A revised diagram is subsequently used to modify the data flow diagrams which will be the basis for the design of the new system. Thus, the objed approach to information system development is an integral component of the structured system design life cyde.